PublicEntityBids.com Will Open Up a Whole New World Of Projects For Your Construction Company

Whether you currently own a construction company or starting your own construction company, you need to maximize your income potential in getting projects from all 3 sectors; residential, commercial and the public entity. Any contractor can do work in the residential or commercial sector, but very few know how to get and bid work from the public sector which includes work from: Townships, cities, counties, parks, fire departments, schools, hospitals, DEP, airports, housing authorities and many more!

The founder of our organization is a 2nd generation retired government bonded contractor from the state of New Jersey that specialized in public entity jobs construction jobs! We will teach you everything about how to build a great and profitable construction company and maximizing your bidding capabilities. For example, if you know how to replace a $10,000 concrete patio or driveway construction for a homeowner, then you have everything it takes to do a $100,000 or $200,000 concrete job for a housing authority! The only thing that will differ will be the way you bid on it and the how to fill out the paper work which we will teach you. Why run a construction company that just does residential work for homeowners, where you can do that in a much larger scale by bidding projects that go out to bid from all kinds of public entities!!! We will teach you everything!!!

Once you register for our course, either the Half-Day Hands On or the Self Study Online course, we will help you with many other things that you need for your construction company: We will introduce you to our preferred bonding agency that will help you get bonded so you can bid on these types of projects. We will show you where to find these projects that go out to bid and also teach you how to fill out the bids without being rejected.

Here are some things you will learn:

✓ Facts About Public Entity Jobs!
✓ What Kind of Projects Can You Bid on?
✓ Price Range of Project Bids you can bid on!
✓ Bonds, Licenses & Insurance Required!
✓ What is a Bonding Company & What does it Cost?
✓ What are the various Surety Bonds Required for bidding?
✓ How to choose an accountant!
✓ Now you're bonded...How do you find projects out to bid?
✓ The "ART OF BIDDING" public entity government bids and how not to get your bid rejected!
✓ Filling Out your First Public Entity Government Bid!
✓ Attending Your First Public Entity Bid!
✓ Filling out and submitting a sample public entity bid!
✓ Seeing and participating in a mock-up bid opening!

This course is a wealth of information for any construction company of any trade! Feel free to call us if you have any questions regarding our programs.